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"Il Paese delle ginestre" as Gabriele d'Annunzio used to call it, is a charming town on the Frentana Riviera, now an important tourist resort on that part of the Abruzzo coast called the Mediterranean.


Its territory is characterized by the presence of vineyards and olive groves and the precious oil production has given the City the title of Oil Town. Known for its spectacular lookouts, on a monumental coast, characterized by the presence of striking overflows, San Vito is renowned for being a witness of the great passion that D'Annunzio lived in these places with Elvira Leoni.


Overlooking the overhanging promontory of the brooms, one can discover the "trabocco" described by Vate "stretched out on the rocks, similar to a monster lurking, with its one hundred limbs". Just before the deviation for the "Belvedere", right on the state road 16, there is the Dannunziano Hermitage: the farmhouse where the Vate took refuge with his mistress and where he conceived the tragedy "The Triumph of Death" (Il Trionfo della Morte)

Ancient fortified village, Sanctum Vitum, for a long time, remained linked to the destiny of the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere. Because of its destruction by the Count of Manoppello, the Benedictine monks donated the village to the city of Lanciano which, aware of the gift that had been given to it, improved the seaport and made San Vito the strength of its commerce traffic. With the phase of decline in trade related to trade fairs, the port of San Vito was no longer used and was sold as a fief. In the period of the Risorgimento, the country has distinguished itself for its fight against the hegemony of the Bourbons.