The whole region of Abruzzo is a great wine producer. The capillary presence of many other wineries, make sure that the Abruzzo is appreciated and renowned throughout the world for its wide choice and type of tastes and flavors. The geographic location of the vineyards, including in the small hillside village of San Vito Chietino, ensures an optimal climate for the cultivation of a quality primary product: sun, sea breeze and a good night temperature excursion, in fact, guarantee an excellent ripening of the grapes.

The Olivastri Tommaso Agricultural Company in San Vito Chietino, was founded in 2000, the result of a great passion and family tradition carried on as a common thread for more than two generations, and which found in the person of Mr. Tommaso Olivastri (founder and owner of the company) ambition, stubbornness and decisive motivation for its realization. 

The production chain, supervised and followed personally by the owner, is extremely attentive to the quality of its products, especially in the vineyard: 'good wine is made in the country', a philosophy in which the oenologist and the owner of the 'company. The harvest, exclusively manual, is carried out following a peculiar selection of the bunches, collected only when the maturation process gives the grapes specific and specific characteristics. In this way, it is possible to create the conditions for obtaining a wine naturally rich in colors, aromas and flavors, the expression of an area particularly suited to viticulture.

In the cellar, the wines are followed step by step, from the grinding of the fruits and subsequent fermentation of the musts to the wine, stable and mature. The respect of traditional techniques, in the times and in the cultivation methods, and the modernity in constant updating of the technologies and the controls used in the winery find the right meeting point, in the quality of the obtained products.

In this way, it is possible to transmit to the final consumer the authenticity of a great passion pursued with sacrifice, dedication and constancy.