Arrosticini (Skewers)

Equipped with an incomparable delicacy, the sheep or lamb meats are a specialty of Abruzzo, in particular, the area at the foot of the Voltigno with small local characteristics, but nevertheless widespread in the region. And it is no coincidence that it is also widespread outside the regional borders. To be enjoyed paired with slices of homemade bread sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, together with a good glass of red wine, the arrosticini are truly a dish capable of conquering the most refined palates. Not to be missed, as it is still used in the more traditional rooms, the combination with the glass of red wine diluted with gazzosa together with this dish is by itself delicious that, among other things, turns out to be simple preparation. Compounds of sheep meat, the preparation involves cutting the meat into very small pieces and putting it into kebabs, then cooked on the grill, normally using a brazier with a characteristic elongated shape. Like the more or less famous typical dishes, also the "arrosticini" can present variations: not to be missed are, for example, the liver roasters or even, for the most demanding gourmets, the untreated lamb roast meat is not to be missed.

Celli Ripieni

The "Celli Ripieni" (stuffed celli) are typical biscuits of the Abruzzese culinary tradition and, traditionally, they were prepared for a wedding ceremony. The stuffed cells change their name according to the areas and can also be called celli pieni, calcioni (chalcones), piccillati (pigeons). These are rustic biscuits made with a crumbly dough made from flour, oil, and wine and are stuffed with "scrucchiata", the typical Montepulciano grape jam from Abruzzo, toasted almonds, cocoa and cinnamon. The ingredients of the filling can vary, often cooked must, orange peel, coffee or dark chocolate are also used. In our recipe, we added to the stuffing of crushed dry biscuits, but you can also add some breadcrumbs. If the filling is too soft, add some chopped dry biscuits or a tablespoon of breadcrumbs. You can prepare the filling in advance and store it in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Cooking Recipe for "Celli Ripieni"



Bocconotti, a word that literally means "small bites',  come from the southern regions of Lazio, Puglia, Abruzzo, and Calabria and are made a little differently depending on which region they are from. They are traditionally made in individual baking cups that resemble tiny brioche molds but you can use a mini cupcake pan if you don't have the individual molds. The delicate lemon flavored pastry shells may be filled with grape jam or cherry preserves, ricotta cheese, or a chocolate-almond filling; which is the filling in our recipe. They can be made covered with dough or left open like little pies.  Bocconotti are usually very popular at Christmastime but they are perfect for any time of the year.

Cooking Recipe for "Bocconotti"

Brodetto "alla Sanvitese"

A substantial delicious dish typical of the Abruzzo coast that stands out for a really simple preparation ideal for those who love the flavors of the sea based on fresh fish. The current recipe, which stands out from the original one for the use of finest fish compared to the past, was born in 800 with the arrival in the kitchens of the tomato and, among the types of fish that can be used in the preparation are presented for example shrimps, prawns or sole, but basic are essential the typical fish of rock, the scorpionfish, the tracina, the head, the lamp, the panocchia, the cuttlefish, the red mullet to which are added other fish and molluscs, the hake , the dogfish, the breed, the calamari, the scampi of medium size and other fish that can vary according to the season, as well as, obviously, according to personal tastes and, moreover, fresh ripe tomato, sweet pepper, hot pepper, parsley and garlic are ingredients that contribute to giving the whole a truly irresistible flavor.

Cooking Recipe for "Brodetto alla Sanvitese"


Stuffed Cuttlefishes "alla Sanvitese"

Stuffed cuttlefishes are a fragrant and inviting second course, a classic of Italian cuisine to be prepared in no time for the joy of your fish-loving diners! Cuttlefish can be stuffed in various ways, baked or in a pan. In this version, we offer them with a tasty filling of cherry tomatoes, breadcrumbs and tentacles of the same cuttlefish, all sautéed in a pan. Serve this fragrant seafood dish with a good aromatic white wine that enhances its flavor and makes it even more enjoyable to enjoy this dish!

Cooking Receipt for "Seppie ripiene alla Sanvitese"


Lamb and potatoes under the "coppo"

It is one of the most characteristic dishes of the inland areas of Abruzzo, linked for millennia to the practice of transhumant pastoralism. The tile is a large concave iron cover with a handle, which exploits the warmth of the fireplace. Above an iron container, or rather the bare stone, are placed the dishes to be cooked, closes with the tile and covers the whole with embers and hot coals. Cooking takes a couple of hours. This ensures uniform cooking, and preserves and enhances the flavor of the meat. The lamb under the coppo is a strong dish, archaically the Mediterranean, but able to bring back with unforgettable vigor to the origins of the regional culture of Abruzzo.

Cooking Receipt for "Lamb and potatoes under the coppo"